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Time & Attendance Monitoring Systems

time-and-attendance-system-250x250Adding intelligence to your attendance

Attendance Management System is an easy way to keep track of time attendance for employees in an organization. This makes the work of the HR easy and centralized with no errors. This is also applicable and convenient in organization having a distributed architecture setup or having large geographical distances. The system has to be designed with three main goals in mind: versatility, ease of use, and security.

Greenway Systems provides its customers with a Time & Attendance and Access Control System supported by solid features viz. Attendance tracking, User management, Shift Management & Rotation, Customized Weekly off’s, Time Zoning etc.

The T & A System is Biometric and / or Smart Card based and keypad for passwords with Access control using Electro Magnetic Locks, Turnstiles, Boom Barriers and other electromechanical equipment.